Founded in 2006, motivated by the desire to push forward technical evolutions for human kinds by developing meaningful and value-creating solutions, we repeatedly encounter unknown, challenging and exciting areas.

Located in the heart of Europe, in the eastern part of Switzerland, balanced between technology and nature, we are developing products and processes that give our customers a decisive advantage.

Where modularity and precision is the key, reproducibility and traceability a must ...
where transparency and reliability are guaranteed, high quality and short development time required ...
right there you'll find us.

Our new and unique philosophy of holistic cooperation forms the basis for successful product and process development. Always ready to deliver maximum performance, we are pleased to be able to accompany you on your way as a reliable partner, as a source of knowledge and as a decision for independence.

esp engineering gmbh

Strahlholz 13
9056 Gais
+41 71 791 0260

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